ANATOME METHOD stimulates the muscle fibers to build lean muscle, and spends enough energy to maximize your calorie burn at the same time to achieve your goals!

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The ANATOME METHOD is a successful program to make you move better in your daily activities by being stronger and healthier.

Weight training will build gross motor strength and conditioning for strong & functional muscles, while Thai boxing moves will help you knock out fat, sculpt a lean body, & beat stress ’til you throw in the towel.

Hone the ferce warrior inside you to blast fat away, torch calories & sculpt your body. 25AM Lean & Toned = HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) + Circuit Training + Strength Workout 25AM will make you build lean muscle while burning fat so you can get great defnition.

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Kicks the metabolism into high gear.
Maximize results in minimum time.
Challenges the body’s limits taking you out of your comfort zone.

Strength and Cardio mix for a complete HIIT with weight training.

All of that will significantly increase the metabolism speed, torching more calories during and after training.

25AM Lean & Toned workouts allow your body to move naturally with full range of motion so you can bust your metabolism and tone your entire body.

The key to getting sculpted abs is to burn off that stubborn layer of belly fat that's hiding them first, and then progressing into exercises that will get your abs more defined.

Let’s burn away the "ab flab" while stimulating all 6 of your abdominal muscles at the same time this makes it so you can finally enjoy a sculpted flat ab or go further and carve out your six-pack abs.

Best results in the fastest time possible by building the lean muscle that you need to speed up your metabolism and get your body the lean & toned.

25AM ANATOME METHOD Lean & Toned Workout program is divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4

Each phase is three weeks in duration. Three weeks is the minimum time it takes for the body to adapt to any routine. Once you adapt to a routine, your progression stops. To ensure that you keep building lean muscles and losing body fat, you want to minimize adaptation and keep your muscles guessing, which is why the three-week cycle was chosen.

Each phase has a combination of strength training, circuit training and HIIT training with Thai boxing moves. Always remember that your fitness phase correlates to your physical appearance. The more lean & toned you become the healthier & better you’re going to feel and look.

Each workout will have a short video which you will learn to perform each exercise of the circuit.

It’s important at all phases to always be focused on good technique and form. This way you’ll get the most out of each exercise and help prevent any unnecessary stress and injuries.

During the entire workout the goal is to keep up your maximum heart rate. The most accurate formula to calculate is 211 – (0.64) x age.

The number of sets suggested for a workout should be your goal. However, if a workout is taking you more than 25 minutes and you’re working out at a high-intensity and using challenging weights as I’ve suggested, that will be more than enough exercise for one session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and if you do as recommended, 3 workouts of 25 minutes per week, you will end the 4 Phases in 12 weeks from the day you started.
25AM Lean & Toned is for what fitness level person?
This program was specially designed by Ana Vaughn Becker to assist beginners that are struggling with over weight, don't feel comfortable in a gyn of fitness environment and wants to workout anywhere, at home or with their friends. If you are an Intermediate level, you will also benefit from this program because it was built to take you out of your comfort zone, without getting in to a plateau side effect. Your stability muscles will be target on the first 2 Phases and as we progress to Phase 3 and 4 your body will show amazing results on getting LEAN & TONED! Besides that, you are always encouraged to adjust the weights to push your limits.
What tools do I need for 25AM workouts?
You only need dumbbells, jump rope and a bench (or equivalent).

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